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Current projects

NSP and PWID's quality of life

Evaluate the effects of a Needle and Syringe Exchange Program in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.
Project in partnership with local researchers.
Funded by: Mainline


Dangerous Games

Design of a serious game on drug regulations.
The game aims at raising awareness about alternatives for and consequences of current drug policies. It also aims at developing a co-design methodology with a trans-disciplinary team of drug and game researchers, and civil society stakeholders working on drug policies. After a first phase where a cards game was produced, now we will design an online game. 
Funded by: KIEM – NWO
Publications: blog


Finished projects

Imperative of regulation

History of drug regulation in the Netherlands.
Dutch drug regulation historically results from the interaction with several important areas: the development of drug economies, shifting public perceptions about drug use, and the dynamics of local and European drug politics. Analysing these areas we explain Dutch drug policy shifts. 
Funded by: NWO
Publications: paper on Dutch stereotypes and chapter on the origins of European drug control.

For more, visit the project website

Speed Limits

Best Harm reduction practices for people who use stimulants.
Literature review and in-depth study of 8 best practice cases of harm reduction for stimulant drugs in 5 world regions.
Funded by: GIZ- Global Partnership on Drug Policies and Development
Publications: English report, executive summary, Portuguese report, paper on shifting from opioids to methamphetamine.

For the paper on shifting from opiates to methamphetamine, click here.

Between Care and Order

Street-level workers and drug policies in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).
The project analysed how social, health and law enforcement workers choose between approaches focused on health and care for people who use drugs, or  repression and public order. It compared both cities and countries focused on policies and practices related to crack cocaine and heroin.
Funded by: NUFFIC
PublicationsPhD dissertationpaper on double expectations on law enforcement; paper on care and law enforcement networks; chapter on different types of networks; chapter on integral approach towards drug use; chapter on ethics and qualitative methodologies; and a chapter on qualitative research in cross-cultural psychology.


Assuming Control

Practices and experiences of peer outreach workers of Harm Reduction Programs in the Great Porto Alegre.
The project investigated how the discourses surrounding drugs influence the legitimacy, recognition and work conditions of people with lived experience of drug use working in harm reduction programs.
Funded by: CAPES, personal grant
Publications: MA thesis; paper mapping harm reduction programs; paper on work subjectivity and the stigma of harm reduction.