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Drug policy and harm reduction consultancy

  • we provide

    research consultancy including needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, policy briefs and practical guidelines.

  • our expertise

    is on qualitative and participatory approaches, including context-specific research and in-depth comparisons across countries and cultures.

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    is registered in the Dutch chamber of commerce KvK: 64455238

Below you find some of our projects and clients.

practical guide on peer involvement in harm reduction programs

Research-based guide on how to better involve people who use drugs in harm reduction programs in South Africa.
Period: January – September 2020
Client: Mainline Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) in South Africa
Output: access the practical guide beside or visit the project page.


Research on best harm reduction practices for stimulants

International research project, including a literature review and in-depth study of 8 best practice cases in 5 world regions. 
Period: Sept 2017 – May 2018. 
Client: Mainline Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Funded by GIZ program GPDPD (Global Partnership on Drug Policies and Development).
Outputs: Full report and executive summary.


policy brief on community-delivered care for Hepatitis C

Policy brief on community-delivered harm reduction services and integration with HIV and HCV services. Including  opportunities and challenges in terms of priorities and implementation of community based harm reduction services; good practice examples of community-based harm reduction services integrating HCV services; and recommendations for further developments.
Period: August-December 2019.
Client: International Aids Society (IAS).
Outputs: Policy brief.

Needs assessment in Indonesia and South Africa

Needs assessment of harm reduction, drug policies and the rights of people who use drugs in Indonesia and South Africa. Development of national profiles, stakeholder analyses and recommendations for further projects and investment.
Period: November 2015-April 2016.
Client. Mainline Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Within the framework of Bridging the Gaps, a program funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Outputs: Reports for internal use. Data was applied in the development of harm reduction projects in South Africa and Indonesia. Visit the projects below.


Harm Reduction training for drug policymakers in Brazil

Develop health education programs and advice for harm reduction programs and governmental inter-agency services. 
Period: January – July 2007
Client: State’s Reference Center for Harm Reduction Education, Public Health School of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Output: program advice, internal reports and a paper.


Education in Harm Reduction for health care workers in Brazil

On-the-job education for professionals, development of information and educational material, monitoring and evaluation, and fundraising.
Period: February 2003 – December 2006
Client: Metropolitan Movement of Harm Reduction, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


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